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2nd January. 2017

Kudo Seminar
In New york

Feb. 2017

2nd Kudo World Cup India
World Kudo Junior Friendship Cup India


Kudo Seminar In New York. Instruct by MMA-Budo “KUDO”( Total martial arts with Samurai Sprit/Manner), Founder Grand master Azuma Takashi.
2nd January.2017

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At the request of candidate branch chiefs and other interested parties from US states and Canada, great master Takashi Azuma, founder and head director of KUDO Daido Juku and Head director of Kudo International Federation will hold a seminar and rank examination for candidate branch chiefs in New York City, early in the new year. Due to requirements at the venue, interested parties must contact in advance for registration and details.

Takashi Azuma

KUDO reference movie

2nd Kudo World Cup India. World Kudo Junior Friendship Cup India
10,11&12 Feb. 2017

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Dear Member Nations of Kudo International Federation (KIF)/Non-member nations which is affiliating with KIF

It gives us great pleasure in informing you that the 2nd Kudo World Cup 2017 and the World Kudo Junior Friendship Cup 2017will be held in India.

We take this opportunity on behalf of the Kudo International Federation India (KIFI) and invite you and your teams.

The tournament is internationally sanctioned by, the Kudo International Federation (KIF). The tournament is being hosted by the Kudo International Federation India, organizing committee in India (KIFI).

This Tournament is open by invitation only to Members of KIF HQ, approved by Jukucho Takashi Azuma.

We request the pleasure of your whole hearted participation and company to make this tournament a grand success.

Sincerely yours,
Founder of Kudo/President of Kudo International Federation.

Takashi Azuma

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