What is KIF

 About KIF

Kudo International Federation (KIF) is an international organization which maintains the development of KUDO as a Budo sport in over 60 countries around the world.

 Content of activities

 1.Education / Popularization

This physical activity is not for the domination over opponent by acquiring specific techniques, but it is a set of self-defense skills for protection of self and understand each other.

 2.Organization of sportive events and competitions 

Stimulating development and technical growth through setting up World Championships, World Cups, and other international competition events. 


instructors/referees, qualifications recognition Organizing referee seminars and approving referee license to ensure equality and fairness in competition.

 4.Competition rules maintenance

Competition rules consideration committee is called every World Championship to resume fair rules for the event.

 5.Athlete reinforcement

Each international competition event is analyzed and new training strategies and methods are considered in order to improve competition performance. The subject for analysis does not limits to technical aspect only but also includes scientific research into the how to organize comprehensive support for performance improvement. Also, anti-doping education is systematically executed with lecturing assistance and public relations officers assistance, and information is openly published on our home page.

 6.International relations

Promoting international exchange and mutual understanding through international competition events.


Establishment of Kudo International Federation.
1st World Kudo Tournament is conducted.(Tokyo, National Yoyogi Competition Arena, 2nd Gymnasium)
Government officially recognizes NPO KIF.
2nd World Kudo Tournament is conducted. (Tokyo, National Yoyogi Competition Arena, 2nd Gymnasium). The Tournament has gathered about 40 countries from around the world which is 2 times more than at 1st World Tournament. This tournament was highly regardedand internationally estimated.
Organization name changes into NPO Organization for development of International Kudo.
3rd World Kudo Tournament is conducted. (Tokyo, National Yoyogi Competition Arena, 2nd Gymnasium). About 50 participating countries. This tournament became one of the biggest events among amature Budo sports in the country.
NPO Organization for development of International Kudo becomes NPO Kudo International Federation again and become engaged mainly into management of activities of international organizations.
1st World Kudo Cup is conducted. (Moscow)


Head director of Kudo International ⁄ All Japan Federation
Founder ⁄ Grand master of Daidojuku
Takashi azuma


1949Born in Kesen numa City Miyagi prefecture.
1971Enrolled in Waseda University night-class.
1972Joined Kyokusinkaikan headquarter(22 years old). He stood out among other colleagues since the beginning because of his physical strength trained by Judo and his spiritual strength that never accept defeat.
1981Found “Karatedo Daidojuku” in Sendai City Miyagi prefecture.
2001Establishment of Kudo, mixed Budo combining the realism of fight with paramount attention to safety.