Expenses at the time of entry

1) EXPENSES for Registration/Entry/Admission to KIFHQ ( For General/Ordinary Student)

a).  Registration/membership fee is 100$=12000yen.

b). Monthly fee :100$=12000yen per month.

It costs 10$/1200yen per day until 2 days. Over 2days, it cost 100$ =12000yen=Monthly Fee.

c). Official Kudo Gi :12000~18000yen according to size.

d). Fist guard : 25$=3000yen.

e). Insurance fee : 20$= 2400yen.

f). Text book : 20$=2000yen.

g). Head gear (NHG) :160$=19200yen. (You need not for only once “experience lesson”)


2) Time Schedule


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