{Объявление} Извещение о смерти Такаши Адзумы, председателя НКО Международная федерация кудо.

Адзума Такаши, председатель НКО Международная федерация кудо, с лета прошлого года был диагностирован терминальным раком желудка и боролся с этойболезнью, но с прискорбием вынуждены сообщить, что он скончался в 14:35, 3 апреля 2021 года (в возрасте 72 лет).


Мы проинформируем вас о будущих поминальных мероприятиях позже в связи с ситуацией с коронавирусом.



Адзума Такаши

Родился 22 мая 1949 года, Кудо Дайдо-дзюку, 9 Дан.

Февраль 1981, основал Дайдо-дзюку в Сендае.

Ноябрь 2001 г., основалНКО «Международная федерация кудо»

Ноябрь 2001 г.,проведен 1-й чемпионат мира Хокутоки по кудо в Токио (впоследствии проводится раз в четыре года).

Март 2009 г., создана Всеяпонская федерация кудо.

Февраль 2011 г.,проведен 1-й кубок мира по кудо в Москве (в дальнейшем проводится каждые четыре года между чемпионатами мир

{Announcement} Notice of the death of Takashi Azuma, Head Director of the NPO Kudo International Federation.

Azuma Takashi, the Head Director of the NPO Kudo International Federation, has been diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer since last summer and has been fighting with the disease, but he passed away at 14:35 on April 3, 2021 (at the age of 72 years old).


We will inform you about future schedule again due to the coronavirus situation.




Azuma Takashi

Born May 22,1949, Kudo Daido-juku 9th Dan

February 1981, Established Daido-juku in Sendai

November 2001, Established NPO Kudo International Federation

November 2001, Held the 1st Hokutoki Kudo World Championships in Tokyo (held once every four years thereafter)

March 2009, Established All Japan Kudo Federation

February 2011, Held the 1st Kudo World Cup in Moscow (held every four years thereafter between World Championships)


New Delhi: 

In a recent development, the Central Government of India has recognised Kudo for direct recruitment of meritorious Kudo medallists in Group C level government jobs/posts.


With this, recruitment of meritorious Kudo medalists in government jobs Kudo is placed along with IOC AND OCA ranking sports.

The move comes following a proposal from the Department of Sports ministry of youth affairs and sports government of India for inclusion of Kudo.

Kudo is already recognized by

Ministry of youth affairs and sports government of India since 2019

School Games Federation of India since 2013

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) had released this order on September 1 2020

KIFI ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT SOSHIHAN MEHUL VORA,stated that the order took 9 years of hard work to bring kudo to this level and this marks the beginning of a golden era for kudoka in India,his next plan is to get Kudo recognised by Indian Olympic association and also the Olympic council of Asia OCA, which will get many benefits to Kudoka in Asia level.

Cancellation / Postponement of the organization of the 3rd Kudo World Cup 2020 in Greece due to COVID-19

With regards to the 3rd Kudo World Cup 2020 which will be hosted by Kudo Greece in October.

KIF decided to postpone the 3rd Kudo World Cup for 2021, the same period as this year.

KIF will kindly requested to cope with the 3rd World Cup 2021 by replanning.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to this matter.



Members who will intend to participate in the 3rd Kudo World Cup in next year, please provide us classes which your players will be in competition.


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