KUDO is a comprehensive full-contact martial art based on empty-handed strikes – always assuming real fights using direct attacks such as “punches” and “kicks” and in addition, allowing you to use “throws”, “chokes” and “joint locks”. Kudo International Federation is proud to hold two championships, “2018 Hokutoki 5th World KUDO Championships” and “2018 1st World KUDO Junior Championships”, for 3 days on 30th November, 1th, and 2th December at Aich Prefectural Gymnasium (Nagoya) .

Tournament Information.
Date: November 30(Frit) –December 02(Sun) 2018
Venue: Aich Prefectural Gymnasium
Address: 〒460-0032 Ninomaru 1-1 Naka ward Nagoya city Aich Prefecture.
Promoter : NPO Kudo International Federation.